What is Dorja Dispatch?

Dorja Dispatch is the perfect solution to acquiring, building and maintaining profitable lifetime relationships with your customers and is proven to:
  :: Generate extra revenue
  :: Develop value added services
  :: Maximise customer retention

This powerful and intuitive software with features such the unique ‘Click & Replace’ campaign builder, superior database management functionality and instant reporting statistics, make this the number 1 choice for online marketing for 1000's of global customers.

With Dorja Dispatch you can:
  :: Create smart, powerful email campaigns with unique Click & Replace' technology
  :: Build, profile and target customer databases
  :: Efficiently track and analyse results in real time

In addition to a greater response rate, in comparison to traditional methods, a direct e-mail marketing campaign costs only a fraction of the price of other methods enabling you to achieve outstanding results while investing only a small amount of time and an even smaller amount of money. Additionally this solution enables you to track the impact of your communications with ease, with real time reporting features providing unparalleled feedback.

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